Shop Local Shop Woodridge
Why Shop Local?
The answer is will save you money!

How do you save money?

Woodridge has a lower sales tax rate than many of its surrounding communities. Paying less in sales tax means more money in your pocket! By shopping and dining in Woodridge, you could save on local goods and products such as movie tickets, lunch and dinner and gas! These expenses add up quickly and over time can make a significant difference to your budget.

More Reasons to Shop Local

Woodridge is home to some of the most dynamic retailers, restaurants, service providers, markets and specialty stores in the area.  Family-owned businesses, national retailers, entrepreneurial enterprises.  Our shops are as diverse as the people who live, work, and visit our community.

This is a challenging economic time for everyone, regardless of the size of your household or business.  Shop Local Shop Woodridge is designed to help bolster businesses at a time when they need our patronage the most.

Keep tax dollars in the local economy.  Every time you make a purchase at a Woodridge business, you are helping to provide funding for necessary Village services like public safety, street sweeping, and infrastructure improvements.

Create and maintain local jobs.  Patronizing local stores helps to keep the doors of those stores open and employees on the payroll.

Help save the environment.  Why drive to nearby communities when chances are we have everything you need right here in Woodridge?  Shopping at Woodridge stores helps to reduce automobile usage and associated pollution.

Save time and money
.  Why spend time you don't have driving all over to find what you need?  By shopping in Woodridge, you will save time as well as gas money

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